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When it comes to maintenance on large industrial premises such oil refineries, factories, or manufacturing plants, the benefits of Scan2Plan3D are manifold

We’ll scan sections of your facility at a time – our software automatically stitching these sections together - quickly building up a 3D model of your whole operation. POI’s can be added and linked to maintenance records, test schedules, and O&M manuals.

The model can then be integrated into your existing maintenance management system – and it’ll be easily accessible at any time from a mobile device or computer.

Individual assets can be tagged and colour coded, and our scans are so detailed you’ll have the ability to zoom in and read the individual labels on pumps, valves, and switches etc.

Giving a guided tour of the facility becomes easy – you can do it from the comfort of your office – showing people accurately on the 3D model what needs doing, and how they reach the area/asset designated for maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

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Scan 2 Plan 3D

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Cutting edge technology

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