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Getting to the bottom of the damage

Scan2Plan3D can make things much easier in the event of an insurance claim

Our scanning equipment will scan any loss and capture it completely, with dimensions accurate to 1%. Images and measurements cannot be altered, and the whole process is fast – so claims can be taken care of, and policyholders can be looked after, much more efficiently.

3D scanning means;

  • You can estimate and adjust without visiting the site
  • You’ll have images of all contents prior to any restoration work
  • A full scan captures the whole site, so there’ll be no missing images
  • It’s fast – much faster than a tape or laser measure and sketch pad – most homes can be scanned in well under an hour.
  • Floor Plans can be created and shared automatically.

After the loss is scanned and run through our software, you’ll have access to exhaustive loss documentation that includes all contents, and that can be easily shared with loss adjusters, estimators, and consultants at any time.

Insurance Companies

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Scan 2 Plan 3D

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Cutting edge technology

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Cutting Edge Technology

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